Surfers for Autism Limited Prints

As the official photographer since the inception of Surfers for Autism, I take great pride on supporting an amazing cause.  The smiles that are created with each event hit the sole and I feel very fortunate to be able to capture it.  Support this great organization and the lives of these special families!

In 2011 launched the Limited Series prints for each of their events that I could attend.  Printing a limited run of prints, one for each event.  They are sold at event sites or online here, of course benefiting SFA.  Check them out on their Facebook Page HERE

Prints are $30 plus shipping.  Call 561-558-7895 to order or email

50% of the profits go directly to Surfers for Autism!


Purchase Prints & Canvases Here

 2012 Limited Series Prints


 2011 Limited Series Prints

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